Waste Management Facilities in Hong Kong

Waste is a common problem of affluent societies. Especially when people can afford greater convenience and more purchases, they tend to throw away more rubbish.

Hong Kong is no exception to this.

Waste Management Facilities in Hong Kong

The EPD manages facilities for collecting, transferring, treating and disposing of a variety of waste types. Since 1989, the department has overseen the establishment of a Chemical Waste Treatment Centre, three strategic landfills and a network of refuse transfer stations.

It has also phased out older, environmentally-unacceptable landfills, restored them to a safe condition and is in the process of developing them for different recreational uses, such as football pitches and golf courses.

Open map location: https://www.map.gov.hk/mapviewer/map.do?gmid={GMID}

Waste Management Facilities in Hong Kong

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