Aided Primary Schools

School premises completed in recent years, some 40% bigger than the standard designs of 1995 in terms of total floor areas, provide more facilities and open space to meet the latest requirements for effective learning and teaching.

List of Aided Primary Schools

From the less structured learning environment in a kindergarten to a more formal learning environment in a primary school, your children may face changes such as larger school premises, longer school hours, stricter school rules and a more subject-based learning. Here you can know more about how to prepare your children from different aspects to help them move on to primary school life.

Hong Kong Primary Schools

There are several types of school within Hong Kong.

The government-run schools offer free primary and secondary education. The private schools are divided between international schools, those schools that are operated by Hong Kong’s largest provider of private education, the English Schools Foundation (ESF), and Direct Subsidy Scheme (DSS) schools that receive subsidies from the government.

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