Aided Special Schools

Some government’s policy objectives on secondary school education are to provide students with special educational needs (SEN) with education services to develop their potentials to the full, to enable students to become proficient in biliterate and trilingual communication, and to enhance teaching quality and effectiveness in learning.

List of Aided Special Schools

The Government adopts a dual-track mode in providing special education. The Education Bureau (EDB) will, subject to the assessment and recommendation of specialists and the consent of parents, refer students with more severe or multiple disabilities to aided special schools for intensive support services. Other students with special educational needs will attend ordinary schools.

From the perspective of the education profession and with due consideration of the learning needs of students, the EDB has been reviewing the development of special education and injecting resources to enhance the quality of education. Schools strive to help students overcome their limitations and difficulties, attain the learning level in accordance with their abilities, and realise their potential at different developmental stages so that they can gradually become independent persons with adaptability and the learning-to-learn capabilities to embrace the challenges in life.

Aided Special Schools in Hong Kong
Hong Kong Primary Schools

There are several types of school within Hong Kong.

The government-run schools offer free primary and secondary education. The private schools are divided between international schools, those schools that are operated by Hong Kong’s largest provider of private education, the English Schools Foundation (ESF), and Direct Subsidy Scheme (DSS) schools that receive subsidies from the government.

Each type of schools has its own table in MetaAIRR. You may click the following links for respective categories.

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