Private Primary Schools

You can attend an orientation programme organised by the primary school before the start of a school year to know more about the school’s vision and mission, and to get advice on how to equip your children for primary schooling.

List of Private Primary Schools

The Government is closely monitoring the admission of newly arrived children and young people to ensure that there are adequate school places and support services to cater for their educational needs.

In parallel, we have been providing the following support services for these children and young people to help them integrate into the local school system as soon as possible

Hong Kong Primary Schools

There are several types of school within Hong Kong.

The government-run schools offer free primary and secondary education. The private schools are divided between international schools, those schools that are operated by Hong Kong’s largest provider of private education, the English Schools Foundation (ESF), and Direct Subsidy Scheme (DSS) schools that receive subsidies from the government.

Each type of schools has its own table in MetaAIRR. You may click the following links for respective categories.

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