Aided Secondary Schools

One government’s policy objective on secondary school education is to provide a balanced and diversified school education that suits the different needs of students to enable them to develop knowledge, positive values and attitudes as well as generic skills and become responsible citizens, and to prepare them for further studies or work to make contributions to Hong Kong and the nation.

List of Aided Secondary Schools

The Government has implemented at S4 level since September 2009 the NAS that covers three-year junior secondary education, three-year senior secondary education and four-year higher education. ALL students are given the opportunity to receive senior secondary education on top of the nine years basic education.

Secondary School Students in Hong Kong
Hong Kong Primary Schools

There are several types of school within Hong Kong.

The government-run schools offer free primary and secondary education. The private schools are divided between international schools, those schools that are operated by Hong Kong’s largest provider of private education, the English Schools Foundation (ESF), and Direct Subsidy Scheme (DSS) schools that receive subsidies from the government.

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