DSS Secondary Schools

Some government’s policy objectives on secondary school education are to improve the learning and teaching environment, and to enhance the quality, flexibility and accountability of school administration.

List of Direct Subsidy Scheme DSS Secondary Schools

To know more about the choices of schools in your neighbourhood, you can check out the profiles of secondary schools on the following links.

You can visit the school or attend the school’s open day to talk with the principal and teachers, and observe the learning environment and students there. You can also make reference to the school’s pamphlets, annual reports, websites or other publications to know more about the school.

Direct Subsidy Scheme (DSS) Primary Schools
Hong Kong Primary Schools

There are several types of school within Hong Kong.

The government-run schools offer free primary and secondary education. The private schools are divided between international schools, those schools that are operated by Hong Kong’s largest provider of private education, the English Schools Foundation (ESF), and Direct Subsidy Scheme (DSS) schools that receive subsidies from the government.

Each type of schools has its own table in MetaAIRR. You may click the following links for respective categories.